Upcoming shows in Massachusetts  -  Bringing Jazz to the Burg since 2008

Performance Dates


Thursday June 1st

The Phoenix

Open Jazz Jam!

Players are welcome to sit in, bring your horn, axe or sticks and join the fun!

We will have a PA and mic for singers, a double bass, keys and a kit for you to use!

7:00 - 10:00pm


Saturday May 20th

7:00 - 10:00pm

Sir Russell Watts on Vocals 

Jimmy Morrell on guitar

Brian Koning on Trumpet

Imagine sitting in the Tap Room by the warm hearth sipping on a delicious beverage, enjoying one of the new specials on the seasonal menu, while the live music sweeps your mind to places both real and unreal.

Great farm fresh, LOCAL produce and craft brews.

Join us!

Reservations Please!



The Bull Run future dates:

June 24th - On the famous oudoor pattio!

July 22nd

Aug 12th

Sept 9th


"The Jazz Depot is one of the most popular acts in our Bull Run Tap Room. 

These guys can swing, sway, purr, bounce & roar. 

This isn't background muzak for the distracted dinner guest. 

This is living, breathing Jazz that demands, and gets, your attention."

- George Tocci, Bull Run Restaurant 

"Thank you for providing the music for our fundraising event – “Destination Destaré” on September 30th.  

Your professionalism and talent was outstanding!  When we told people you were playing for us again this year, they were very excited to attend.  

I’m convinced you brought in a majority of the traffic, and for that I’m very grateful.  "

- Jennifer Ogonowski, Development Director, Veteran Homestead, Inc.

"We're very pleased and extremely proud to feature The Jazz Depot...

If you haven't heard their tight renditions of classic jazz standards, 

you'll be impressed by their level of skilled musicianship and soulful feel.

What makes things even better is they invite anyone willing and able to jam on a few tunes to share the stage with them! 

It ends up being a night of great interaction and even greater fun. 

We thank them for keeping it going with us for six amazing years, 

and we look forward to every First Thursday where they treat us to some of the finer points of live performance.

Katy, Eddy, Barry, Eric, Staffan, and Adam... we love you guys!"

- Paulie; manager at Destare' 



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